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Customer Care Program

Columbia has long been known for excellence in its equipment and service.  As part of efforts to continuously improve its level of customer service, Columbia offers to you the Columbia Care program for the North America market.

As part of this structure, knowledgeable Customer Care representatives have been selected and strategically located in key market areas.  The technicians selected for these positions have extensive background in plant operation, product making and Columbia equipment.  The sole focus of this Columbia Care team is to help our valued customers keep their production operations in peak form.

Here’s how it works.  The Columbia Care Coordinator will contact customers to inquire whether they would like the Columbia Care Representative to stop by during an upcoming visit in a particular region.  If the answer is yes, then an appointment date will be selected well in advance that best suits the customer’s schedule and maximizes the value of each visit.

During the visit, you can expect the Columbia Care representative to observe the production operation and talk with the operators.  He’ll be looking for opportunities to improve the overall operation and plant efficiency.  At the end of his visit and upon your request, he can make simple professional suggestions or a detailed report of his findings for improvements to your operation, whichever you prefer.  For instance, this could mean recommending minor adjustments to the equipment or mix design, identifying needed maintenance, looking for delays in the product flow and pallet staging, or even suggesting changes to improve operator performance.  A typical visit will last two to four hours and is not intended to disrupt your production flow.

You may wonder why Columbia is making this investment at this time?  We understand that through employee turnover, equipment wear and tear, past maintenance practices and training challenges that it can be difficult to keep an operation running efficiently.  Columbia also understands that the concrete production industry is a relatively small and close-knit community.  We know that satisfied customers with efficient operations are our best form of promotion in this industry.  If we can help our customers be successful, this will in turn foster Columbia’s continued success.  That is the reason for creating this new structure.

Whatever region they serve, our customers are sure to find the Columbia Care Representatives professional​, helpful and welcoming. As the new structure gains a loyal following, it will almost certainly expand into other markets that Columbia serves.

At Columbia, we are committed to our customer’s success.  That’s part of the – THE TOTAL SOLUTION!  

Contact your local sales representative if you are interested in scheduling a Columbia Care Representative.